Our Mentors
One-on-one support and guidance is key to Joslyn's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program. Our enthusiastic mentors have exceptional professional backgrounds and love working with — and being inspired by! — their students.

To be considered for an artist mentorship, please click here to submit an application.

If you have questions, please contact Weston Thomson, Community Outreach Manager, at
(402) 661-3891 or by email.

Current Artist Mentors

Clay Media Program
Artist Mentor: Amy Nelson

Fashion Arts Program
Artist Mentor: Dan Richters

Digital Arts Program
Artist Mentor: Daniel Dorner

Daniel Dorner is a digital artist, animator, and programmer with over 10 years of industry experience. He currently works as a Media Design Specialist creating work for television, print, web, and mobile platforms.

Eco Arts Program

Artist Mentor: Samantha Braaten

Multimedia Arts Program
Artist Mentor: Satid Kippenberger

Critical Arts Program
Artist Mentor: Seth Johnson

Urban Arts Program
Artist Mentor: Alex Roskelly

Artist-in-Residence Program
Artist Mentors:

  • Jeremy Caniglia

  • Phil Hawkins — Artist statement: As line builds and intersects with each other, a consistent connection forms an organized space that comes to life. The relationship between each element brings the next to life complimenting progession of scale and equality.
  • Pam Hinson

  • Matthew Jones

  • Rachel Mindrup is a professional artist and art educator. Her current painting practice is about the study of the figure and portraiture in contemporary art and its relation to medicine. Her artwork is held in many private collections including those of Primatologist Jane Goodall and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

  • Kristin Pluhacek