JAMbassadors are Joslyn Art Museum's high school volunteers who have the opportunity to work with artists, teach children, interact with Museum visitors at public events, and help with many behind-the-scenes tasks.

To become a JAMbassador, you must be at least 14 years old or in the 9th-12th grade.

Those interested in becoming a JAMbassador must first submit an application and complete a two-hour training session in October, 2013.

JAMbassadors are expected to  contribute a minimum of fifteen hours of community service during the JAMbassador year (October 2013-September 2014).

The 2013-2014 Application period has closed. Check back in August 2014 for more information on applying!

If you're a teen and you're interested in being a JAMbassador download this form: click here.

Info for Teachers

Please follow the links below to download promotional posters and application documents for distribution in your classroom.

JAMbassador Poster

JAMbassador Application Documents