Kids Classes - Ages 5-7 & 8-12

Joslyn art classes for children ages 5-12 are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons and are led by experienced artists and art educators. Each course includes visits to the Museum’s galleries as an essential component of the art-making experience. Students in Saturday classes are exposed to art-making materials, techniques, and concepts that are unique to Joslyn Art Museum. Advance registration is required and all materials are provided.

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Horsin’ Around
Saturdays: August 11, 18, 25; 10-11:30 am
Joslyn Members: $42.50; General Public: $50
The Museum will be extra full of horses this summer! A special group of stallions and mares will visit all the way from Great Britain (in paintings, of course!). Help us introduce these posh ponies to Joslyn’s bucking broncos and learn to create equestrian sculptures and paintings in the studio.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson

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Sculpture Time
Saturdays, September 8, 15, 22; 10–11:30 am
Joslyn Members: $42.50; General Public: $50
Young artists will spend time in the sculpture gardens and visit the galleries to gain inspiration for sculptures we will make in the studio using clay, wire, and found materials.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson


Clay & Stuff
Saturdays: August 4, 11, 18, 25; 1- 3pm
Joslyn Members: $51; General Public: $60
Mixed media artist Arlene Shechet likes to combine the colorful shapes and objects she makes from clay with other materials she finds interesting. We’ll learn simple clay building techniques and find just the right stuff to add as we make mixed media sculptures of our own.
Instructor: Andy Smith

Comic Characters: Sketchbook Heroes
Saturdays, September 8, 15, 22, 29; 10 am–noon
Joslyn Members: $51; General Public: $60
A sketchbook is a comic book artist’s true sercret weapon. It’s where ideas grow strong and powerful! In this class students will learn to wield the power of a sketchbook with confidence and fill the pages with comic drawings through weekly exercises, challenges, and drawing jams.
Instructor: Fredd Gorham

Canvas Painting: Getting Abstract!
Saturdays, September 8, 15, 22, 29; 1–3 pm
Joslyn Members: $51; General Public: $60
Join us to look for artists in the gallery that rely on color, shape, and brushstrokes to make artworks that look like nothing you’ve seen before. We’ll borrow brushstrokes, drips, patterns, and painting techniques to create finished abstract compositions on a stretched canvas.
Instructor: Jaim Hackbart