Kids Classes; ages 5-7 & 8-12
Joslyn art classes for children ages 5-12 are held on Saturday mornings and afternoons and are led by experienced artists and art educators. Each course includes visits to the Museum’s galleries as an essential component of the art-making experience. Students in Saturday classes are exposed to art-making materials, techniques, and concepts that are unique to Joslyn Art Museum. Advance registration is required and all materials are provided.

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Shape & Pattern
Saturdays: September 12, 19, 26; 10–11:30 am
Joslyn Members: $35; General Public: $40
Learn how artists use shape and pattern! Art by Frank Stella will teach us to repeat shapes to create abstract paintings while other works in the galleries will show how artists combine shapes to represent animals, people, or buildings.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson

Saturdays, October 10, 17, 24; 10-11:30 am
Joslyn Members: $35; General Public: $40
Get prehistoric! Students will draw inspiration from Eric Rohmann’s dinosaur illustrations for the book Time Flies. We will look closely at the scaly bodies, sharp teeth, and humongous size of different dinosaurs before we create fossil prints and Jurassic period paintings.
Instructor: Carey Hernandez

Creative Critters
Saturdays, November 7, 14, 21; 10-11:30 am
Joslyn Members: $35; General Public: $40
Joslyn’s galleries are crawling with critters big, and small. Trek through the Museum to find carefully painted animals that look real enough to jump off the wall and goofy cartoon bunnies that just want to play. In the studio, students will create animal sculptures and paintings.
Instructor: CaSandra Johnson

Saturdays, December 5, 12, 19; 10-11:30 am
Joslyn Members: $35; General Public: $40
Pictures in the galleries of snow banks and polar bears will send students to the studio full of ideas for making wintery watercolor paintings and snowflake monoprints.
Instructor: Carey Hernandez


Comics: Drawing Animals
Saturdays: Sept. 19, 26, Oct. 3, 10; 10 am–noon
Joslyn Members: $50;General Public: $60
Learn to create comic-style critters with illustrations by Eric Rohmann for inspiration. Sketch simple shapes to create mass and volume and use line and color to bring characters to life.
Instructor: Fredd Gorham

Canvas Painting:Paintings You'll Want to Pet
Saturdays: Sept. 19, 26, October 3, 10; 1–3 pm
Joslyn Members: $50; General Public: $60
Learn to use brush stroke, color, and value to create paintings of animals that look good enough to touch. Create a finished canvas painting full of touchable texture while learning the basics of acrylic painting.
Instructor: Lisa Kalantjakos

Drawing: Techniques & Tools
Saturdays: October 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21; 10 am-noon
Joslyn Members: $70; General Public: $80
Take your drawing skills beyond just pencil and paper as you learn to use new artistic tools and techniques. We’ll visit the galleries for insight to how artists accurately render the world and, in the studio, we’ll practice with charcoal, pastels, and more as we learn to draw like the pros.
Instructor: Jesse Ross

Saturdays: October 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21; 1-3 pm
Joslyn Members: $70; General Public: $80
Dinosaurs will come to life when students build their own dino-sculptures. We’ll use illustrations in the gallery from Eric Rohmann’s book Time Flies as inspiration for our prehistoric designs and learn to create in three dimensions using armatures made of wire and recycled materials, papier-mache, and paint.
Instructor: Bonnie Cosentino

Print Shop
Saturdays: December 5, 12, 19; 10 am-noon
Joslyn Members: $40; General Public: $50
Learn simple printmaking techniques to make stacks of greeting cards and piles of art to give as gifts or hang in your room.
Instructor: To be determined

Chillin’ with Chihuly
Saturdays: December 5, 12, 19; 1-3 pm
Joslyn Members: $40; General Public: $50
Get to know the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly and learn to create in ways that mimic his huge sculptures. We’ll melt plastic to assemble twisting sculptures of color and swirl paint within glass orbs to make round forms that hang like chandeliers.
Instructor: Therese Straseski