Art Adventures - Ages 3-5
Art Adventures Continues in May!
Fridays: May 30-August 29; 10:30 am

Drop by with your preschooler to see artworks in the galleries and to do a simple art-making activity. Art Adventures is a great way for young artists to have their first Museum experiences - with a grown-up by their side - before coming to art classes on their own. Art Adventures is a drop-in program; no registration is required.

Class fee includes Museum admission.

Joslyn Members: $8 adult/child pair per session, $1 each additional child
General Public: $10 adult/child pair per session, $2 each additional child.

Download the Summer 2014 Art Adventures Schedule Here!

Late Spring Schedule

March 21: Ancient Design
Often the dinner plates of families in ancient Greece were beautifully decorated with images of their favorite foods, including fish, eels, and squid. We’ll take a look at some of this fancy dinnerware in the galleries then draw and paint round compositions swimming with images of our favorite foods.

March 28 Mosaics
Some of the more luxurious homes in ancient Greece had walls and floors decorated with mosaic imagery carefully made with of pebbles, tiles, and pieces of glass. We will look at some of these intricate artworks in the gallery and make mosaics of our own by gluing small bits of paper.

April 4 Creative Currency
Come and design your own money. We’ll visit the gallery to look at a collection of ancient gold and silver coins. In the studio we will create coins from oven-baked clay.

April 11 Mythical Paintings
The ancient Greeks believed the sea was full of all sorts of bizarre creatures. Join us to search the galleries for mythical beasts like Hippocamps - the half-horse, half-fish pets of Poseidon- then use oil pastels, paint, and your imagination to create a mythical creature in the studio.

April 18 Silkscreen
Design a garden home for some friendly peacocks to spread their tail-feathers. We’ll use mixed media to create a Japanese garden, inspired by a 19th-century painted screen in the collection, then use screen printing techniques to place a proud peacock or two.

April 25 Sculpture
Small works of sculpture were often left within ancient temples as an offering to the gods with the hopes of good luck, kind of like throwing a coin in a wishing well. We’ll look at small votive fish and horses in the gallery then create good luck sculptures of our own from self-hardening clay.

May 2 Collages
Contemporary artist iROZEALb creates brightly colored mixed media images of people dripping with texture and pattern. We’ll visit the gallery to see how the artist uses collage and combined media then make portraits in the studio by cutting, gluing, drawing, and painting.

May 9 Printmaking
Inspired by Poseidon, the mythical ruler of the sea, we’ll paint a watery ocean scene then use printmaking techniques to create a school of colorful fish.

May 16 Heroic Pottery
Painted Greek pottery in the galleries act like picture books that tell the stories of powerful heroes and mythical creatures. We’ll use these heroic narratives to inspire us to draw heroes of our own onto folded and cut paper pots.
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