Updated January 25, 2018.
To reach your party, call (402) 342-3300.

Office of the Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
Jack F. Becker, Ph.D., Executive Director & CEO 

Kristy Durkin, Assistant to the Executive Director & CEO
(402) 661-3886

Finance & Operations

Elizabeth Powell, Director of Finance & Operations
(402) 661-3857

Sherrl Urbanek, Bookkeeping Manager
Jessica Muffly, Accounts Payable and Human
    Resources Specialist

Information Systems
Timothy Northrup, Information Systems Manager  

Museum Shop
Jane Precella, Retail Services Manager
Cathy Born, Retail Services Assistant Manager
Alex Barelos, Senior Retail Associate
Retail Associates:
     Natalie McGovern*
     Jada Messick*

Facility Rental & Events
James Laurent, Events Manager
Randy Figura, Stage & Audio Visual Manager
Heather Tedesco, Director of Catering and
     Café Durham

Facilities Management
Steven Tlsty, Facility Manager
Thomas Fleming, Facility Engineer 
Scott Orr, Building & Grounds Manager
Arthur Lehr, Building & Grounds Supervisor
Building & Grounds Maintenance Technicians:
     Jordan Cairncross
     David Dieter
Kyle Johnson, Landscape Maintenance Technician
Open, Building & Grounds Specialist

Visitor Services & Protection
Randy Eddy, Visitor Services & Protection Manager

Visitor Services & Protection Supervisors:
     Douglas Gunn
     William Lasky
     Julie Schram 

Visitor Services & Protection Representatives: 
     Cordell Adkins
     Kyle Behrens
     Jerome Bradford
     Josh Brown
     Charles Dabney
     Marie Garro
     Julianne Hackler
     Matthias Jeske
     Chelsea Kreuzman
     Carl Overfield
     Heather Pecoraro
     Deborah Siembieda
     Joshua Acosta*
     Miranda Bradley*
     Ian Christie*
     Katie Herring*
     Erin Laney*
     Kirstin Olson*
     Anna Schmidt*
     Nicholas Spencer*
     Elijah Verboon*

Curatorial & Collections 
Toby Jurovics, Chief Curator & Richard and Mary Holland Curator of American Western Art
(402) 661-3886

Karin M. Campbell, Phil Willson Curator of 
    Contemporary Art
Dana E. Cowen, Ph.D., Associate Curator of
    European Art
Erin Walcek Averett, Ph.D., Adjunct Curator of 
    Antiquities; Assistant Professor of Archaeology,
    Creighton University
Ruby C. Hagerbaumer, Assistant Curator for

Sarah Haines, Associate Registrar
Kevin Salzman, Installation & Design Manager
Open, Preparator

Nancy Round,
Director of Education & Outreach 
(402) 661-3859 

Susie Severson, Director of Adult Programs
Karla Lechtenberger, Tour Coordinator
Laura Huntimer, Director of School Programs &
     Interactive Media
Ben Jones, Interactive Media Coordinator*
Tom Simons, Youth & Family Programs Manager
Andrew Smith, Studio Programs Manager  
Katie Temple, Studio Programs Assistant*
Weston Thomson, Community Outreach Manager
Maranda Allbritten, Community Outreach
Katie Temple, Kent Bellows Mentoring Program
Sophie Newell, Education Programs Assistant
Katie Herring, Volunteer Coordinator*
EdTech Gallery Assistants:
     Miranda Bradley*
     Amanda Defazio*
     Robert Klein Engler*
Art Works Assistants:
     Miranda Bradley*
     Katie Herring*
     Lindsey Tomaso*
Alison Ball, Weitz Family Fellow

Hillary Nather-Detisch, Director of Development
(402) 661-3883

Agne Dizona, Foundation Giving & Major
     Donor Manager, (402) 661-3887
Jessica Blackman, Membership & Special Events
Beth Stinson, Database Manager & Development

Amy Rummel, Director of Marketing &
Public Relations
(402) 661-3822

Jennifer Gleason Gillen, Marketing & Design
Candace Berger, Marketing Assistant*

**temporary full-time