Updated April 3, 2017.
To reach your party, call (402) 342-3300.

Office of the Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
Jack F. Becker, Ph.D., Executive Director & CEO 

Kristy Durkin, Assistant to the Executive Director & CEO
(402) 661-3886

Finance & Operations

Elizabeth Powell, Director of Finance & Operations
(402) 661-3857

Sherrl Urbanek, Bookkeeping Manager
Jessica Muffly, Accounts Payable and Human
    Resources Specialist*

Information Systems
Timothy Northrup, Information Systems Manager  

Museum Shop
Jane Precella, Retail Services Manager
Cathy Born, Retail Services Assistant Manager
Katherine Gazzetta, Retail Supervisor*
Retail Associates:
     Alex Barelos*
     Lela Clark*
     Sharon Latham*

Facility Rental & Events
James Laurent, Events Manager
Randy Figura, Stage & Audio Visual Manager
Gabi Webster, Catering Manager/Event
     Coordinator, Abraham Catering
     at Joslyn Art Museum

Facilities Management
Steven Tlsty, Facility Manager
Thomas Fleming, Facility Engineer 
Scott Orr, Building & Grounds Manager
Arthur Lehr, Building & Grounds Supervisor
Building & Grounds Maintenance Technicians:
     David Dieter
     David Gano
Kyle Johnson, Landscape Maintenance Technician
Jordan Cairncross, Building & Grounds Specialist

Visitor Services & Protection
Randy Eddy, Visitor Services & Protection Manager

Visitor Services & Protection Supervisors:
     Douglas Gunn
     William Lasky
     Julie Schram 

Visitor Services & Protection Representatives: 
     Cordell Adkins
     Jerome Bradford
     Josh Brown
     Aaron Caswell
     Johnny Cistone
     Charles Dabney
     Nathon Hood
     Ashleigh Jones
     Carl Overfield
     Heather Pecoraro
     Chad Pribyl
     Marta Ramos
     Deborah Siembieda
     Miranda Bradley*
     Neil Griess*
     Katie Herring*
     Erin Laney*
     Brandon Longwell*
     Parker Roustio*
     Tristan Welie*
     Tess Wilson*
     Julianne Hackler**
     Dan Wills**

Curatorial & Collections 
Toby Jurovics, Chief Curator & Richard and Mary Holland Curator of American Western Art
(402) 661-3886

Karin M. Campbell, Phil Willson Curator of 
    Contemporary Art
Dana E. Cowen, Ph.D., Associate Curator of
    European Art
Erin Walcek Averett, Ph.D., Adjunct Curator of 
    Antiquities; Assistant Professor of Archaeology,
    Creighton University
Ruby C. Hagerbaumer, Assistant Curator for

Kay Johnson, Registrar
Sarah Haines, Assistant Registrar
Kevin Salzman, Installation & Design Manager
Open, Preparator

Nancy Round,
Director of Education & Outreach 
(402) 661-3859 

Susie Severson, Director of Adult Programs
Karla Lechtenberger, Tour Coordinator
Laura Huntimer, Director of School Programs &
     Interactive Media
Ben Jones, Interactive Media Coordinator
Tom Simons, Youth & Family Programs Manager
Andrew Smith, Studio Programs Manager  
Katie Temple, Studio Programs Assistant*
Weston Thomson, Community Outreach Manager
Maranda Allbritten, Community Outreach
Bridget O'Donnell, Kent Bellows Mentoring Program
     Studio Coordinator
Katie Temple, Kent Bellows Mentoring Program
Katie Herring, Volunteer Coordinator*
EdTech Gallery Assistants:
     Miranda Bradley*
     Robert Klein Engler*
Art Works Assistants:
     Miranda Bradley*
     Amanda DeFazio*
     Katie Herring*
     Linda Hilliar*
Sophie Buchmueller, Weitz Family Fellow

Hillary Nather-Detisch, Director of Development
(402) 661-3883

Agne Dizona, Foundation Giving & Major
     Donor Manager, (402) 661-3887
Open, Donor Relations Manager
Ashley Dougherty, Member Relations &
     Database Manager
Sharon Latham, Development & Planned
     Giving Manager*

Amy Rummel, Director of Marketing &
Public Relations
(402) 661-3822

Jennifer Gleason, Marketing & Design Manager
Candace Berger, Marketing Assistant*

**temporary full-time