I See That Fable Differently: Selections from Creighton University’s Carlson Fable Collection
1/27/2018 - 4/29/2018

Organized by Joslyn Art Museum in partnership with Creighton University.

This student- and faculty-curated exhibition will examine a dozen Aesop fables, among them simple stories with timeless lessons like The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Fox and the Stork, and The Oak and the Reeds, each represented by a variety of fable-related objects from prints, posters, and trade cards, to ceramic dishware, assemblage sculpture, and even a set of nesting dolls. A companion exhibition will be on view at Creighton University’s Lied Art Gallery; more information at www.creighton.edu.

What's pictured: "The Ox and the Frog," from The Fables of Aesop and Others Translated into Human Nature, 1857, hand-colored (illustrator: Charles H. Bennett; engraver: Swain; publisher: London: W. Kent & Co.)