Art Seen: A Juried Exhibition of Artists from Omaha to Lincoln
6/21/2015 - 10/11/2015
This summer, Joslyn Art Museum will present Art Seen: A Juried Exhibition of Artists from Omaha to Lincoln.

This exhibition will showcase artists living and working in our region today. Nebraska’s two largest cities are home to vibrant and expansive artistic communities, spurred forward by an engaged and enthusiastic audience. Reflecting diverse lives and concerns, this exhibition investigates a range of media and styles and will address varied themes, including personal narrative, the social landscape, environmental issues, and contemporary approaches to painting.

Artists will be selected by a jury led by Karin Campbell, Joslyn Art Museum’s Phil Willson Curator of Contemporary Art, and Bill Arning, Director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Art Seen will investigate a range of contemporary practices to include painting, sculpture, photography, textiles, and installation art, illuminating the most important creative impulses and approaches in the region. Addressing diverse themes — including personal narrative, the social landscape, and environmental issues, as well as the exploration of nontraditional materials and new approaches to painting — the exhibition will reflect the lives and concerns of our communities. Art Seen will consist of both existing artwork and new projects commissioned for the installation.

Art Seen Artists

Of the 37 artists selected for the exhibition, 21 are from Omaha and 16 from Lincoln; 20 are men and 17 are women. Media includes painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, ceramic, textile, video, and more. Art Seen presents an exciting opportunity for Joslyn to showcase the contributions of local artists to current narratives in art making.

Following are the artists selected for inclusion in the exhibition:

Littleton Alston, Omaha
Byron Anway, Lincoln
Jess Benjamin, Omaha
Sarah Berkeley, Lincoln
Jim Bockelman, Lincoln
Jamie Burmeister, Omaha
Michael Burton, Lincoln
Peter Cales, Omaha
Kim Darling (Kim Reid Kuhn), Omaha
Angela Drakeford, Omaha
Catherine Ferguson, Omaha
Charley Friedman, Lincoln
Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez, Lincoln
Camille Hawbaker, Lincoln
Aaron Holz, Lincoln
Keith Jacobshagen, Lincoln
Heather Johanson, Omaha
Josh Johnson, Lincoln
Jun Kaneko, Omaha
Laurie Victor Kay, Omaha
Holly Kranker, Omaha
Dylan Lilla, Omaha
Rich Mansfield, Omaha
Avery Mazor, Omaha
Marjorie Mikasen, Lincoln
Mo Neal, Lincoln
Joshua Norton, Omaha
Bradley Peters, Lincoln
Walker Pickering, Lincoln
Sarah Rowe, Omaha
Matthew Sontheimer, Lincoln
Therman Statom, Omaha
Joy O. Ude, Lincoln
Watie White, Omaha
Shea Wilkinson, Omaha
Ying Zhu, Omaha
Mary Zicafoose, Omaha