Space Silence Spirit: Maynard Dixon's West, The Hays Collection
Space Silence Spirit offers a rare opportunity to view artworks by Maynard Dixon (1875-1946), one of the greatest 20th-century artists of the American West. This is the first exhibition devoted to Dixon's art to be shown in our area.

Space Silence Spirit: Maynard Dixon's West, The Hays Collection is sponsored by Energy Systems and Douglas County.

Dixon's 50-year career is surveyed in more than 100 paintings, drawings, and etchings from the private collection of A. P. Hays of Paradise Valley, Arizona. Dixon lived for months at a time in the open landscapes of Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, reveling in the natural beauty while drawing and painting deserts, cliffs, mountains, clouds, cowboys, and Indians. The exhibition also includes related photographs by Dorothea Lange, Dixon's wife from 1920 to 1935, who is best known for her images of the Great Depression.

Dixon's creed, according to Hays, "was simple: Find the truth in the West's spirit, its vastness, solitude, and power; interpret the land's relevance to people and its dominance over their very spirit and lives, and finally, with enormous clarity, simplicity, and honesty, portray the culture of the Native Peoples and their special metaphysical harmony with the land, their gods, and lives."