Visions of Lewis and Clark: An Exhibition of Art Kites
Commemorating Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery expedition, thirty kites will be on view throughout the metro area. Commissioned from America's most renowned kite builders, imagery for these kites is informed by the explorers' journal notes on the people and natural resources encountered on their journey and members of the Corps who traveled with them.

The National Park Service's Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, headquartered in Omaha, on the bank of the Missouri River, spearheaded local presentation of this exhibition and will be the site of seven kites. Additionally, kites will be displayed at Joslyn, Eppley Airfield, KANEKO, Lauritzen Gardens, and various Omaha Public Library branches. A Kite Discovery Expedition Map will help kite seekers find their way to each one of these beautiful examples of history, art, and engineering.

Pick up a Kite Expo brochure at the Museum's entrance desk to become a kite explorer! Visit and get a sticker at nine sites identified on the brochure map and, at your final location, you'll receive a prize - a special knapsack!

This exhibition was organized by SkyWindWorld. Learn more at

Kites @ Joslyn

Joslyn will feature two kites, one in the north stairwell leading to the balcony galleries and one in the American Indian Art balcony gallery in the Memorial Building:
  • Native Angels (pictured right; artist: Joanne Weber; Minneapolis, MN); A tribute to women who assisted the Corps
  • Crows Stealing the Buffalo Ponies (artist: John Pollock; Billings, MT); References a July 23, 1806, journal entry from Captain Clark

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Exhibition-related Events and Programming:

Saturday, May 3; 2-5 pm
Kite Expo @ River's Edge Park, Council Bluffs, IA
Attend this free public event featuring a "celebrity kite fly" with selected exhibition kites, stunt kite demonstrations, opportunities to create and fly simple kites, and more! This event will be at Tom Hanafan River's Edge Park, Council Bluffs, IA.

Saturdays, May 10 & 24; 10 am-noon
Saturday Surprise!
Drop in for some kite-making fun at Joslyn. (Sorry to spoil the surprise!)