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Riverwalk: Explorations Along the Cache la Poudre River by William Wylie. Illustrated; 72 pages; hardcover. University Press of Colorado, 2000.

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Merrill Gilfillan's poetic forward sets the stage for the incredibly detailed and subtly reproduced images recorded in Riverwalk: Explorations Along the Cache la Poudre River, a collection of photographs of the last undamned river on the Front Range in Colorado.  William Wylie walked 150 miles from the mouth of the Poudre River on the eastern plains of Colorado to its headwaters at the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park, discovering along the way many places often missed by the casual visitor.


Like nineteenth-century expeditionary photographers and painters such as Worthington Whittredge, Timothy O'Sullivan, and William Henry Jackson, William Wylie photographs within a tradition of lucid examination that favors faithful recording as a way to understand a particular place.  In Riverwalk, Wylie gives us forty-nine stunning duotone photographs of the beauty and possibility inherent in the Cache la Poudre River.


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