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Hodo Chainmaille Bracelet by Darcy Horn

Hodo Chainmaille Bracelet by Darcy Horn

Hodo chainmaille bracelet made of metal and yellow interlocking bands. Designed and created by Darcy Horn (The Jade Dog, Red Oak, IA). 6 1/2" - 7 1/2” long.

Sku No.:  20121361
Our Price:  $35.00
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Meet Darcy Horn
I am the owner of The Jade Dog and Jade Dog Beads in Red Oak, Iowa. I am the sole creator of each piece of art to wear produced from my studio, personally selecting each component that goes into a finished work. My preferred bead work methods are bead embroidery and free form peyote because they can ideally convey my creativity to its fullest. Bead work is the best medium I have found for recreating with my hands what my mind's eye sees. 

Bead embroidery is a technique of hand stitching individual or small groups of four to six beads to a backing material. Free form peyote is a stitch where beads are sewn together, one at a time. I rarely begin a project with absolute certainty of the finished piece. I assemble a palette of beads, but I allow the work to develop organically as I stitch.

I am most influenced by collage artists and photographers, particularly Dave McKean and Nick Bantock, for composition. For structure and balance I turn to my study of architecture, especially that of Corbusier and Gaudi. I am also inspired by the sounds, smells, people, and landscapes of the Northwest and Southwest.

When someone wears my work, I want them to feel like they are part of a living sculpture. My designs enhance and accentuate that person's uniqueness, their individuality.

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