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Dancing Dragonflies Vase by Ephraim Pottery

Dancing Dragonflies Vase by Ephraim Pottery

Dancing dragonflies vase (tall) in rainstorm by Ephraim Faience Pottery.  Vase measures 8" x 4 1/2."

Sku No.:  20121535
Our Price:  $215.00
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Ephraim Faience Pottery creates fine pottery in the Arts and Crafts style.  The original designs and glazes, which are inspired by nature, reflect both the Craftsman aesthetic of a century ago and the studio's rural Wisconsin surroundings.  Each piece is a collaborative work created by the Ephraim Faience Pottery artists.  the vases are individually thrown, sculpted, and decorated by hand.  Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.  Ephraim Faience Pottery makes no more than 500 pieces of each design.  The foot of each piece bears the studio's mark, which changes each year, and the signature of the primary artist.  The studio's work is highly collectible.

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