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Cosmos and Vortex Marble by Thomas Friedman

Cosmos and Vortex Marble by Thomas Friedman

Hand-crafted dichroic glass marble with opal center, comes with glass stand . Designed and created by Thomas Friedman and Alyson Friedman (Omaha, NE). Approx 2 3/4" tall, with stand.


Sku No.:  20120839
Our Price:  $165.00
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Meet Thomas Friedman and Alyson Friedman
Tom Friedman is a glass artist from Omaha, NE. He has been creating glass since 2001. Tom has studied with many of the world’s best torch work artists. Through these experiences he has created his own techniques and style of wearable glass art and custom collectable marbles. Some call his art “lampworking” based upon the ancient and time-honored work of glass artisans from ancient Egypt to the island of Murano outside of Venice. He refers to his modern work as “torch-worked glass."
Tom's pendants are made from Borosilicate glass with a torch using temperatures between 2,500 and 3,000° F. They are annealed at a cooler temperature of 1,050 degrees° F for several hours to ensure hardness and wearability.
Tom, his wife, Sue, and daughter, Alyson, create unique and original necklaces as wearable glass art through their company, AlyRose Designs, with customers spanning the globe.

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