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Carnelian Dangle Necklace by Bev Muffly

Carnelian Dangle Necklace by Bev Muffly

Carnelian and sterling silver necklace, inspired by Egyptian designs. Designed and created by Bev Muffly (Omaha, NE). Necklace is 30” long, carnelian beads dangle 2" below necklace.  Click here to view matching braceletClick here to view matching earrings.

Sku No.:  20120176
Our Price:  $150.00
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Meet Bev Muffly


I was born and raised in Nebraska and am married with two daughters. I have a wide variety of interests, both right & left brain. I have a bachelor's degree in accounting. I love dogs. Sports have always been a big part of my life: football, soccer, golf, bowling and, for the last 12 years, hockey. My husband, Kirk, and I housed junior hockey players for 10 years.


Since I was a young girl, arts and crafts have been part of my life. My dad used to tease me about not being able to just sit down and watch television — I had to be working on some craft project at the same time. I enjoy quilting, cross stitch, woodworking, painting, and of course making jewelry. I actually started making jewelry about 12 years ago. I've always loved to wear jewelry, so I decided to buy a book and teach myself the various techniques to get started (thinking that I could then save money and have lots of jewelry!).


Some designs come to me from various fabrics (color &/or pattern), or an outfit that needs an accessory, or most recently I'll see an interesting object and figure out how to turn that into a piece of wearable art, clothing, or jewelry. I also like to take vintage pieces and create new designs.


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